Many businesses have been impacted by the effects of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and as a result both Landlords and Tenants subject to commercial leasing arrangements have suffered financially.The Commonwealth Government has introduced a number of initiatives to support Landlords and Tenants to ensure continuity of commercial tenancies.The State and Territory Governments have also made a number of changes to legislation and policy in line with the directives from the National Cabinet.We have summarised some of the key changes to assist Landlords and Tenants develop strategies to help your business while there remains uncertainty in the commercial sector.


April 24th 2020

Further to the article below the NSW Government has just introduced temporary regulations permitting the witnessing of legal documents by video conferencing facilities. It is uncertain whether the ACT will follow suit, but we will provide further updates if and when there is any news.

Whilst social distancing measures have been adopted by Symons Phillips Lawyers, unfortunately the law may mandate that these social distancing requirements be absolute and that we are required to close our office to the public, and not be permitted to meet with our clients for a period of time.

There are legal requirements involved in the signing of a Will, requiring both the Willmaker and witnesses (2) to be physically present at the same place at the time of signature, and that all parties sign in the presence of each other.

The State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill (2019) NSW is bringing in some potentially drastic and detrimental changes to the way NSW taxes discretionary trusts, with such changes set to come about on 31 December 2019.

In the ACT, as in other jurisdictions in Australia, legislation prescribes the categories of persons who are eligible to dispute a deceased person's Will or estate in Court.